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Marshall Human A.I. Coming? Are You Ready?

I had a dream on 03/16/2020 around 8:30pm-10:15pm I was outside in a field with friends and family and then in the sky and on the ground, we started seeing huge military cargo vehicles, they were very well armored, more armored then any military vehicle I've ever seen. I told the people mark my words, something is coming, I said it half entertained, then out the vehicles came these Marshalls, they looked just like humans but they were completely A.I., you could tell they weren't humans, but they looked just like humans and were basically wired to be perfect marshals.

I saw them from about 250 ft away as they were lining up and assembling. I grabbed my Mom and my sister and I told them to run with me. We ran towards the mountains and to a country pond side area, but it was fruitless.

Since these things were A.I. it was like they didn't get tired and they were going to keep pursuing you. It is almost like they even had sensors to tell where you were from a distance.

We ran as fast as we could but they eventually caught us. they took us into this building and

I remember the dream was very vivid, and even in the dream, I had this strong sense that

I needed to pay attention, and that this was the second time I had this same dream.

One of the male A.I.'s caught me and he was using me like a display to the rest of the people

caught and almost to teach other people. He was using me to show how to

handcuff the people they caught, and how to do defense moves if the person tried to run.

In this dream the main thing I felt, notice and remember, is the sense that, there was *no* running or getting away from them. These things were not human, they didn't get tired and they could seek you out. Again, they were wired/engineered to be perfect marshalls. Even if you ran far away, even in the country, it was like they would eventually find and seek you out.

Also, it was if the world system had employed these things, so it was not as if you could

try and fight against them, they would keep coming. With heavy artillery, you may be able to defer them for a short period, but it was inevitable that they would catch you.

When I woke up, I begin to search through my memory bank of scriptures and a few stood out. "Woe to you who give suck in those days," "run to the hills and to the caves," "I will shorten the years for the elects sake."

I would like to point out Matthew 24 as reference but especially these verses, 21-22: "For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be."


If that time comes when you are living, are you ready to face torture?

With the chronological order of the verses in this chapter, it definitely makes me think

Christians will endure this specific persecution before Yeshua returns.

In conclusion the main thing I gathered was this, I don't know when this will take place (although I had a sense it was not far away), I cannot say of assurity that it is indeed a dream from God. All I know is that it was not a normal dream, God has given me dreams which have come true in the past, and I woke up with strong alarm, which I still have now writing this now 3 hours later. In conclusion, all I can say with great warning, is the last days cycle could happen at any moment!

We MUST be ready for Him. Again I tell you, you MUST be ready for Him!

-Julie Ann Espinoza

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