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Kingdom is an organization

which focuses on being true disciples of Yeshua with an emphasis on God-inspired events, creative arts & media.



Our primary passion is "One New Man"

(Ephesians 2:15) and uniting 

the Bride of Christ.

Marble Surface

Daniel & Julie 

Daniel & Julie have been married since 2012. Daniel is originally from the DC metro area and Julie resided there for 7 years. Both have a love for Hebrew roots and the Jewish people. Daniel grew up in a home that honored Shabbat and celebrated the Feast Days. They are both professional musicians. Julie comes from a family line of evangelical Christians of which she is 4th generation. They are in support of many Washington D.C. ministries and champion the uniting of the Bride. 

Daniel and Julie have a local ministry focused on young adults and youth which teaches practicing the gifts of the Holy Spirit and a personal relationship with Yeshua. They decided to start "Kingdom" based on their love for Messiah and the belief that when the "gospel of the Kingdom" is proclaimed in all the world, He will soon return! 

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